It's finally here. ??The day apple unveils their latest creation.

With hype and secrecy matched only by the iphone in 2007, I am excited to see what Steve Jobs will pull out of his pocket today at 10a Pacific, 1p Eastern. ??(You can "watch" it all happen on live blogs Gizmodo.)

I've been following the rumors for nearly a year, as anxious as everyone else, waiting to see how this latest creation will live up to and/or exceed expectations. ??Because I have a few expectations. ??Or maybe "hopes and dreams" is a better word. ??Steve, you don't want to dash my hopes and dreams, do you?

two cameras
I think it would be great if the device had not one, but two cameras. ??One on the front and one on the back. ??That way I could use it for video conferencing and face recognition as well a picture capturing device. ??One camera seems like a major weakness. ??Come on Steve, give me two.

really spiffy cameras
By "spiffy" I don't just mean image size or digital zoom or all that jazz. ??I want the camera facing me to be brilliant. ??Face recognition is one step. ??Gesture recognition is another. ??How great would it be to be able to swipe pages by simply waving my hand across the air. ??Could I feel any more like the Minority Report Tom Cruise?! ??Just as long as the rest of the movie doesn't come true. ??And if it does, I might start wondering if Steve is from the future.

a fancy lean-to
While this thing will obviously be used in my hands, there will be times when I want to simply look at things. ??In which case I might want to have my hands free. ??But how practical is it to have the tablet sitting flat on a table? ??Or leaned shakily against a wall? ??Not very practical. ??Which is why they need to incorporate some sort of fancy, built in lean-to. ??Think picture frame, only better and less clunky. ??Steve, you make beautiful things, not clunky things. ??I trust you on this one.

blue tooth toys
While I am assuming that there will be the ability to physically type on screen, this does not seem ideal for anything beyond what I already use my ipod touch for (which is nothing more than twitter updates, facebook comments, etc.) ??I would love to see a blue tooth keyboard come with it (similar to the wireless apple keyboard I'm typing on right now – thank you Mars Hill iMac) so I could take this tablet to class, meetings, coffee shops, etc., prop it up (on the aforementioned lean-to), and start typing on my equally spiffy wireless keyboard. ??Don't make my typing uncomfortable Steve.

a new OS
I don't expect OSX. ??I don't expect iPhone whatever (3.1, 4.0). ??I want something new. ??Something built just for this device. ??Something that makes me want every other device to emulate this. ??Not the other way around. ??Steve, you're no copy cat. ??So don't copy your own stuff either.

Currently I carry a notebook everywhere so I can scribble notes. ??How great would it be if I could scribble notes on this tablet, have them digitally archived, and even transcribed (handwriting willing) to text? ??It would be so great. ??Steve, you make great things. ??And this would be a great part of this next great thing.

If I wanted an ebook reader, I'd already own a Kindle or a Nook. ??And I don't. ??Because I don't want one. ??So if this thing is just apple's version of a glorified ebook reader, you'd better work extra hard at convincing me. ??I read books with pages I can turn and scribble on. ??But I might buy a tablet that can become my next everything device. ??Give me itunes. ??Give me imovie. ??Give me documents. ??Give me internet. ??Give me things I haven't thought of yet. ??And if you give me all that, you can even give me ebooks. ??See Steve, I'm not picky.

A while back the rumors were $600. ??Now they're pushing $1000. ??What's up with that? ??If I'm going to spend a thousand dollars on something with an apple on it, it's going to be a mac book pro. ??If you're making something new, it better be affordable. ??Or else it better out do everything else I'd ever dream of spending that much money on. ??Good luck Steve. ??Better talk to your accountants.

There's always more that I dream of, especially when I really start dreaming. ??Collapsable so I can carry it around easily. ??Syncable, so it can become a portable version of whatever computers I have. ??Reliable, so it won't break anytime soon. ??Or outdate itself with tablet 2.0 two months later. ??Steve, don't pull one of your classic moves and come out with a new one in March that costs half as much. ??Don't make me angry Steve.

But what about you? ??What do you want the "almost here" apple tablet to be? ??What are your predictions? ??Click the "comment" button and leave your thoughts below!

Ready, set, apple tablet.