In case you didn’t know (which most of you who follow me online likely already do), I am one of two Kast-Keats in the whole world. And both of us are pastors in New York City (at two connected but different churches).

This past Sunday was a rare alignment of the stars when every Kast-Keat in the world was preaching on the same Sunday: Jes preached at West End in the morning and I preached at Middle in the morning and evening.

Being married to Jes is amazing, not only because she makes life a perpetual dance party and poetry slam, but because we are able to collaborate together on the work we do and the sermons we create. The sermons below are an excellent example of the ways we work together. The night before Jes and I sat at the table with a bottle of wine and talked through our sermons, sharing thoughts and ideas with each other.

Jes is an amazing pastor, a dynamic preacher, and the best partner anyone could ask for. Her sermon below on Romans 7 is proof of this. And my two versions of the same sermon wouldn’t be what they are if not for the collaboration and ideation with her! Take a listen below and see how our sermons ended up.


Jes at West End Collegiate Church


Me at Middle Collegiate Church at the 11:15 AM Celebration


Me at Middle Collegiate Church at the 6 PM Art & Soul