For the past six years I have concocted an annual experiment.

These year-long projects have led to the ties I wear every day, my Everything Notebook, my vegetarian lifestyle, and more. (Many of these experiments have also fizzled out or transformed into something else, but that’s another post for another day.) And with 2015 just a month and a half away, I have decided on my next annual project: The Scribble Project.

The Scribble Project will be a daily experiment in creativity, design, and iteration.

I will be collecting a different scribble for each month, copying them all into a blank sketch book, and turning each one into a different picture every day. (Once I finalize the scribbles I’ll share them online so anyone can join in.) I’ll be uploading my daily scribble to Instagram with the hashtag #ScribbleProject2015, encouraging others to do the same and/or follow along. At the end of each month I’ll create a video that shows the evolution of each scribble throughout the month.

I’ve got my sketch books, but they’re currently blank. Because I need scribbles!

This is where you come in. Scribble something on a blank piece of paper, snap a photo, and email it to me or post it on Instagram with #ScribbleProject2015. I’d love to turn 12 of your scribbles into evolving works of art!

See you ready for #ScribbleProject2015?

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