My #5daysinarow project continues. First it was blogging, then #3mail, then #80mAbs, then five days in Michigan, then 5 days of mindfulness, and now it’s five days of running (from zombies).

Yes, zombies. Call it too much time with Pete Rollins and his ongoing rant that the zombie apocalypse isn’t coming but it’s already here. Or call it my hopeless desire for season 2 of The Walking Dead to start streaming on Netflix. But if I’m honest, I’ve simply always wanted an excuse to try out the app “Zombies, Run!” And with five days of running underway, I figured I would finally put a creative (and healthy) app like this to use.

I used to be a runner. I would tear through running shoes in a way that would make Steve Argue proud. I remember a summer where I ran at least one mile every single day, sometimes up to ten. And then my knee starting hurting. And those pesky high school freshman got faster and faster (and I didn’t). And so rather than participating in a sport simply because I had the body type for it, I gave my knees a well deserved break. (I’m convinced they’re still thanking me for it.)

Only look out knees. Suck it up. Because you’re in for five days of running. And if I don’t save the world from the zombie apocalypse in my earbuds, maybe I’ll keep going beyond this week. (Maybe.)

But until then, you can call me “Runner Five.”