There was a moment tonight at Mars Hill when I walked through Fifty6, gave dozens of hugs and high fives, captured photos and memories with countless people, and then walked past the foursquare court full of preteens calling me back to them and I turned and waved and said I had to go down to The.element. I walked away from Fifty6. For the last time.

And The.element was no better. More hugs, more high fives, more tears.

A student and I would make eye contact. We would stop. I would look them in the eye, place my hands on their shoulder, and tell them how I’ve seen them grow and how proud I am of the woman or man they have become and are becoming.

More high fives. More hugs. More tears.

The end-of-year celebration ended, students left, and our team of interns and residents were left. At my request – I was just begging for more tears at this point – JLee put one song on repeat as we cleaned up and sat on the couches outside my office together, a dozen of us simultaneously rejoicing that the year was done and refusing to believe it could be true. And we all sang this song: