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In the Last Year: Jim Kast-Keat
Church Marketing Sucks, December 2015

Looking for God in 2015
Sojourners, December 2015

Looking For Jesus
On Scripture, December 2015

How Jesus Overcomes ‘Us Versus Them’ Thinking
Sojourners, November 2015

Radical Hospitality: Building Bridges, Respecting Differences
On Scripture, November 2015

Preteen Ministry Tips
Sparkhouse, July 2015

Why Your Church Needs a Preteen Ministry, May 2015

I Want To Be an Activist, May 2015

Yoked: Working (Not) 9-5, February 2015


The Ubiquitous Christ
The Antioch Session, July 2014

Change Is Expected, Innovation Is Assumed
The Antioch Session, June 2014

Ask a Pastor’s Wife and a Pastor’s Husband
co-authored with Jodie Howerton
Rachel Held Evans, May 2014

Ten Ways Congregations Can Engage with Social Media
co-authored with Jacqui Lewis and Christina Flemming
Patheos, Public Square, May 2014

Chile in the Borscht
The Antioch Session, May 2014

Echo 36
sparkhouse, 2014

Resurrection-Tinted Glasses
Mission Alliance, April 2014

Book Introductions
Whirl Bible, sparkhouse, 2014

A Theology of Legos
On Pop Theology, February 2014

Shaped by Story
Thirty Days of Love, Standing On the Side of Love, January 2014

Swords into Plowshares
Patheos, Faith Forward, January 2014


O, Holy Shit (censored)
the12, Reformed Done Daily, December 2013

O, Holy Shit (uncensored)
Imagining Jesus, December 2013

I Am Light
Advent Small Groups, Middle Collegiate Church, December 2013

“God Has Hands”
The Antioch Session, November 2013

Cultural Curiosity
The New Liturgist, The House Studio, October 2013

Just Church (is not just church)
Unbound, October 2013

“Where Does Your Identity Lie?”
Restoration Living, March 2013

Atheism For Lent
ikonNYC, 2013

Connect (Units 5-10)
sparkhouse, Augsburg Fortress Publishers, 2013


“Brave New Church”
The 12, Reformed Done Daily, 2012

“Jesus is a Moonwalking Bear”
The 12, Reformed Done Daily, 2012

“It’s Not My Kickball”
Slant 33, Barefoot Ministries, 2012

Connect (Units 1-4)
sparkhouse, Augsburg Fortress Publishers, 2012

Holy Moly NRSV Feature Content
Connect Bible, sparkhouse, Augsburg Fortress Publishers, 2012


“Immanuel: A New Kind of Christmas”, November 2011

“Going Deeper with the Sticky Gospel”, November 2011

“From Me To You”, October 2011

“Once Upon a Parable”, July 2011

“Going Deeper with Words, Pictures, and Imagination”, June 2011

“Why Easter?”, February 2011

“Ahh, That’s a Good Question”, February 2011


“Any Questions?”
K! Magazine, September/October 2010

“Order Out of Chaos”, August 2010

“Letting Go of the Bike: a simple philosophy for preteen ministry”
K! Magazine, July/August 2010

“A Letter to My Parents (and parents everywhere)”, July 2010

“Open Hands”, May 2010

“First Voice, Second Voice: Partnering With the Parents of Preteens”
Collaborate: Church + Family, Minister’s Label Publishing, April 2010

Mars Hill Bible Church, March/April 2010


“Guilt, Giving, Money, Mirror”
Mars Hill Bible Church, November/December 2009

“Worship is ‘I Play Basketball’”
Mars Hill Bible Church, September/October 2009

“Always + Already”, August 2009

“Standing on a Question”
Mars Hill Bible Church, July/August 2009

“MHS: The Musical”
Mars Hill Students, May 2009

“I Just Live Here: Ant Colony”
The Anchor, Hope College, April 2009

“Get Books: Nothing Uncommon About It”
Mars Hill Bible Church, March/April 2009

“Now vs. Next”, March 2009

“I Just Live Here: The Best Doughnut Ever”
The Anchor, Hope College, February 2009

“All Things: Guatemala, Grand Rapids, Wherever”
Mars Hill Bible Church, January/February 2009

“I Just Live Here: Winter Coats + Running Shorts”
The Anchor, Hope College, January 2009


“Open Hands: A ‘Walking Around’ Faith That’ll Change the World’”
The Journal of Student Ministries, November/December 2008

“The Sermon Driven Sunday (and why there’s a better way)”, September 2008

“What’s Your Message?”, August 2008

“Worship Is…”, August 2008

“Never Enough”, August 2008

“Educating Families: Where Spiritual Formation Happens”
The Journal of Student Ministries, July/August 2008