My Next Sermon: #ThisIsTheLife

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I’m finalizing my next sermon (this Sunday morning at Middle Church) and have been tweeting a few phrases that I’ll likely end up saying. Also, I’ll have 160 quarts of dirt piled next to me. Good luck figuring out how that plays into Jesus’ words on being the way, truth, and life. (Join us in the […]

Doubting Like Thomas

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Doubting Like Thomas

This past week I’ve talked more about doubt than ever before. From a sermon at Art & Soul to a Pub Theology gathering, I have enjoyed the company and conversation of many people on what sadly becomes a suppressed topic (especially in the church). Here’s a few of my thoughts (in twelve minutes or so), followed by […]

Be, Love, Walk

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Be, Love, Walk

Last Sunday we were scheduled to have a guest preacher for Art & Soul at Middle Church. But about fifteen minutes before the gathering we find out that she has laryngitis and won’t be able to talk. Our Senior Minister, Jacqui Lewis, was the natural choice to fill her spot, but this would mean that she […]

#30SOL top 30

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#30SOL top 30

My Thirty Seconds or Less project has officially made it through its first year. This is kind of a big deal. Not because of the micro-podcasting platform I’ve worked to establish (though I do think that’s pretty awesome) but because a year ago I had an idea and I’ve kept with it. Every. Single. Day. […]

#SermonSoundtrack: Doubting Like Thomas

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#SermonSoundtrack: Doubting Like Thomas

I used to create a different playlist for each week, a rotating definitive mix of sorts. For some reason this practice found itself put on pause. But with a slew of upcoming sermons I have decided to create a playlist for each one. This will be the background as I prep for Sunday (and will be the […]

This Is Not OK

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A feminist is someone who advocates for the equality of women and men. In other words, the equality of everyone. And when we live in a world where stories like this are all too pervasive, we need more feminists. I’m proud to call myself a feminist. Are you? And if you’re up for watching one more video, here’s Laci […]

Palm Sunday, Flash Mobs, and Doing What You Gotta Do

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Palm Sunday, Flash Mobs, and Doing What You Gotta Do

What happens when you but two preachers in front of a congregation for one sermon? This:


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I stumbled upon Daughter on Spotify over a year ago. I saw that they were coming to New York and bought tickets. I was blown away. (One of their songs even made it into my final Credo project for seminary.) They came back to the city six months later, playing a bigger venue filled with […]

Bones, Breath, and Rhythm [a sermon on Ezekiel 37]

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The time when I preached with a five foot skeleton and a djembe: Does your essence ever feel like it’s gone dry? Who breathes life into you? Who do you breathe life into? What does it feel like for your essence to be in rhythm with the Breath of God?

Shuv Your Nephesh (The Most Popular Psalm)

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The sermon where I spill water on the pulpit, tell everyone to shuv their nephesh, and tell Westboro Baptist Church that we are sorry for their loss: