Absurdity, Irrelevance, Prophet, Light, and Words

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This is what a week’s worth of #30SOL podcasts look like. And if you go push play on all five at the same time you can hear what they sound like. (Or you could always listen to them one at a time.)

God, a Rabbit-Duck, and a Ukulele

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God, a Rabbit-Duck, and a Ukulele

Once or twice a month I preach at Middle Collegiate Church. And sometimes I end up playing my ukulele. And once in a while I do them both on the same day! Enjoy my sermon and my debut with the Middle Church band in the videos below.

Have you seen the new #30SOL?

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I made some significant changes to my daily podcast for 2014 (full text, soundtrack, black and white image). And with thirteen podcasts behind us I think they were all the right decisions. The images give the homepage a fresh look, the full copy makes them all easier to follow (and search), and the soundtrack gives […]

The Good News of Social Media

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The Good News of Social Media

Over the past four months I’ve taken to twitter for a few sermons and talks. First there was the talk about social media as a means to connect with others (rather than disconnect with the world around you), a talk that was comprised of 61 tweets that I read aloud while they were scheduled to […]

Your Next 2.5 Minutes

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This was the first full week of the “new” Thirty Seconds or Less featuring Nate Pyle, myself, Jes Kast-Keat, and a slew of musicians. Go back and give this week’s posts a listen and let me know which one is your favorite!

Two Sermons, One Moon Walking Bear

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This past Sunday I preached at both the 11:15a and 6:00p gatherings at Middle Church. And while I preached the same sermon twice, there are some significant differences between the two (not to mention shaving off two minutes from morning to evening). Whoever can spot the most differences between the two wins something awesome. (Legos. […]

This Week in 90 Seconds

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Eight months ago I started a daily podcast. And with nearly 200 episodes posted I decided to tweak a few things for the new year. Rather than just spoken words, there is now a soundtrack behind each micro-rant. Rather than a solid color with different typography, there is now a black and white photo that […]

On Knowing the Crowd

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On Knowing the Crowd

I’ve got a couple of speaking opportunities coming up in the next week. First, I’ll be preaching at Middle Church(http://www.middlechurch.org) in New York, NY this Sunday (11:15a and 6:00p). And second, I’ll be giving a 7-21 talk at Christianity 21(http://c21.thejopagroup.com/7-21-talks/)  in Denver, Colorado. I’m feeling great about the first one. But I’m still working and […]

Creativity and Why I Insist on Juggling

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Creativity and Why I Insist on Juggling

More ideas lead to better ideas. Ideas in motion rub off on one another (whether you know it or not). Learn the rhythm of one idea in the air before you throw a half dozen chainsaws above your head. Sometimes you drop things when you’re juggling more than one. Center yourself, pick them up, and […]

2013 in Review: DJ Earworm, Google, and Youtube

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2013 in Review: DJ Earworm, Google, and Youtube

Year in Review One of my favorite things about December is all the “year in review” videos that emerge. This year my three favorite are DJ Earworm (always my favorite, though where’s Beyoncé?!), Google, and Youtube. DJ Earworm Google Youtube What were your favorite parts of 2013?