Two young fish are swimming along when an older fish passes by. “How’s the water?” says the older fish to the two young guppies. The young fish just keep swimming and as they do one of them says to the other, “What the hell is water?”

First, I know I posted this story a couple weeks ago. But the best stories work in more than one context. So here it goes for round two.

Second, I’ve spent the past week thinking about belief and unbelief.

Sometimes the stories we tell yourself is not the story we’re actually living in. But we tell them to protect ourselves from the confrontation with what we are truly living, what we truly believe. Sometimes we think it’s easier to go swimming along without realizing the water that has always been all around us.

Our beliefs lie to us (unbelief), masking what we truly believe. Our story is a front, protecting the layers that always exist, just below the surface.

But rather than living a lie, we must take our beliefs seriously, even though this might make us feel like a fish out of water.

But to find our where our beliefs truly lie, we must find out where they lie.