I’m giving up this year.

I’m giving up the rhythms and ruts I’ve unconsciously created. I’m giving up the accidental habits I didn’t even realize I had found myself in. I’m giving up saying I’m going to do things.

Because for me giving up is really about taking something on.

I’m taking on health and balance. I’m taking on sustainable rhythms that will keep me going now and in the future.

But enough with the abstract maxims. Here’s what I mean:

I’m diving the year in six parts and focusing on giving something up for two months at a time. This offers visible end to each goal, motivating me to accomplish it and at the same time provides enough time for it to have an impact on the way I exist in the world.

In January and February I’m giving up “not running.” (See what I did there?) I’ll run at least a mile each day.

In March and April I’m giving up elevators, inviting myself to be more present with every step I take.

In May and June I’m giving up “not blogging,” with a new blog post every day as a way to spark my public creativity and collaboration.

And it continues on from there. You can view the complete list (and follow along) at jimkastkeat.com/GivingUp.

What about you? What are you giving up for 2016? And what are you taking on?