I’ve always believed in collaboration. While at times it might be the longer or more difficult route, I am convinced that it is almost always the most rewarding and helpful. For a couple of years I would host a quarterly Fifty6 Creative Think Tank, gathering pastors and parents, students and volunteers, friends and sometimes the strangers they dragged along. Together we would enter into a space for ideation on the upcoming program and content for Fifty6.

These events evolved in both form and function (not to mention invitation design). The evening would start with organized tables and a bare wall. And by the time the two and a half hours were complete the tables were in a disarray of ideas and concepts and our once bare wall was filled with hundreds of ideas for the upcoming arc at Fifty6. I’m proud of a lot of the programs and content I developed, contributed to, and created at Mars Hill, but this process is easily the best I have experienced.