My name is Jim Kast-Keat.


I’m a divergent thinker, an ideation specialist, and an aspiring minimalist. I’m the Associate Minister for Education at Middle Collegiate Church and I’ve been wearing a shirt and tie (almost) everyday for over five years (and yes, there’s a story behind it).

Prior to working at Middle I helped lead ikonNYC in New York City, NY, worked as a Product Designer with Sparkhouse in Minneapolis, MN and was a pastor at Mars Hill Bible Church in Grand Rapids, MI. (You can read my complete work and education history here and here.)

I carry my Everything Notebook with me everywhere I go because I have more ideas than I know what to do with. Many of them come to life as part of my Thirty Seconds or Less project, a sermon or program at Middle, various freelance projects, or one of the many websites, podcasts, or blogs I contribute to.

When I’m not coming up with ideas I do my best to smile, breathe, and go slowly. I’ve been addicted to reading since I first learned how, enjoying young adult fiction and books on theology, philosophy, creativity, mindfulness, and more. In my free time I update twitter, play board games, create online projects, and strum a ukulele in The House Band and Super Excited To Be Here.

I’m a “seven” on the enneagram, meaning Peter Pan is my patron saint and I want to live and die in Disneyland. I’m an “ENTJ” according to Myers-Briggs, meaning I share a temperament with about 4% of the world. But I don’t like to be put in boxes (like I just did to myself) and I’d much rather describe myself by telling you a story or making up a game or playing my ukulele or showing you all my favorite books.

To see my work or to find me elsewhere on the world wide web, send me an email or keep exploring this site.

It’s all here somewhere.

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